Sunday, March 7

Trying to get organized

Well I didn't get much sewing done this weekend. I did get Lora's wallet finished for her birthday. (she works with me) Here are a couple of pictures.
I love this pattern.  It is pretty easy to make and has lots of room.  I went to Hancocks the other day to specifically get a black zipper for this wallet.  I guess you can tell I forget the zipper!  The red zipper justs gives it a little color pop!  The pattern is from Quiltricks.  It also has a second pattern for a smaller size wallet

I did spend a good portion of today trying to get a little more organized in my little sewing area. I bought some plastic drawers to sort things.  Right now it is working. We'll see how organized things stay.
Here are a couple of pics of my work area.  I recently found a tip from another quilter. To use zipper bags to put fabrics scrap from each project.  That way you have colors that match all ready sorted when you need them.  It helps keeps things a bit neater and easy to store.  I have a color of these plastic drawers with those little baggies in them!  Thanks to whoever shared that tidbit.

The brown thing on the wall just to the left, is my piecing wall. It is foam board covered in flannel.
 You can put pattern pieces on this and they stick. You can rearrange pieces over & over again to get things just like you like!  Here is a quilt that I could not have done without this tool! I moved every piece in this pattern at least 5 or 6 times!  ugh!  I wanted to just give up.

My sewing area is quite little but it works for me. To the left of "Izzy" is my cutting table aka my dining room table! If you stand if from of the machine and then turn around you are in my kitchen.  I keep meaning to quilt a sign to hang up in my house...."I quilt...Therefore I don't cook or clean house!" So who needs a kitchen???


wanda said...

Everything is looking great Lisa!

wanda said...

Readers - don't let Lisa fool you. She does use her kitchen too. I am a sister Florida and my husband and I come to visit for 2-3 days at a time. We are treated like royalty! We are waited on hand and foot and Lisa gets in the kitchen and whips up delicious full meals with dessert in a flash. When I get home I hug my special quilt to get hugs through the miles from my sis. Love you lil sis !