Wednesday, March 3

New toy arrives Thursday

My new Flynn Multi Quilt frame arrives tomorrow.  I hope it works like it says it should.  This will make quilting much easier.    I have at least three quilts I can start immediately.

I kind felt yucky this afternoon so after dinner I thought I'd nap. Well of course I couldn't sleep. Didn't have the energy to sew so I begin to quilt electronically.  Searching blogs and seeing what everyone else is up to!  This gave me some mental energy!  It is amazing all the different styles of many quilters.

I have to make a trip to Hancocks tomorrow to get a zipper to finish a birthday wallet. So while I am there, I might as well get a fabric fix. Nothing special in mind, just have to wait and see what jumps out at me.  I have faith, something will jump!

The sun is suppose to be shining and be warm this weekend, so it sounds like a great time to skip housework and SEW!

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