Monday, March 11

Not how to start a Monday!

I start out every day with a cup of coffee while sitting in the recliner with Riley, our 18lb Cavalier King Charles) and Zoe, our daughter's 30+lb Blue Healer.  That is our normal routine and if I should not complete this routine one day, it throws those dogs out of sync all day.   We also have a Blue Tick Coonhound (Rebel)  and a Chocolate Lab (Dixie) who sleep in the house at night just so they don't bark at every little rustling sound in the woods. 

This Monday, the first work day after the time change, I knew I would most likely be late to work as I am not always an early riser.  But little did I know, I would not even make it to work today. 

Rebel wanted to go outside earlier than normal and was quite excited.  So I opened the door then he Zoe and Riley all flew out the door, off the porch, and around to the back.   Rebel begin to bark out back near our chicken coop, like he had a coon or opossum treed.   I had not fed the chickens yet so I wrapped up in the quilt I had on my lap, put on boots and went out to see what was going on.

When I got back there, I realized that it looked like something had gotten into the chicken coop as feathers were everywhere.  The "girls" didn't even want to come out of their coop to eat.  Rebel was behind the coop howling and then I realized that another chicken had apparently flown out of the pen and into the dog pen next to it.  She was fine other than being scared.  

I left to get the two smaller dogs in the house and out of my way, and put a thick jacket on because  this chicken and Rebel both were in a area of dried briars!  OUCH!  Yes even with a jacket, gloves and pruning shears you can still get stuck!   By the time I got back, apparently the chicken stuck her head thru the chainlink fence and Rebel was trying to help pull her out.  Needless to say, she didn't survive.    I began trying to get Rebel back to the house by pulling on his collar.  Well.... he pulled out and turn to run away.  That's where thing went way wrong.

I turned quickly to try and catch him and my boot slipped on the wet grass/mud.  As I am falling I hear this loud POP.  My left leg went one way, my ankle another.    I am laying on the damp ground thinking "this ain't gonna be good".  Wondering if my ankle was broken, I tried to move my toes and yep they moved without much pain.  Then all of a sudden, I thought GET THE BOOT OFF  BEFORE IT SWELLS!  So I pulled it off quickly.  Of course I didn't have any socks on so my toes were cold but I could see the outside ankle bone area swelling already.

Being in the back yard, hubby inside, Lauren sound asleep, I'm wondering how the heck am I gonna get back to the front door. HECK, how am I gonna get up off the ground!   I managed to get to my knees and use an old post near by to get up on my good foot.  Luckily right beside me was several old handles from old shovels, so I used those a crutches.  I managed to get around to the front yard and the side door steps.  I sat down as I was give out by then and one of the old dried wooden handles was beginning to crack.  NOT GOOD!   I used one to beat on the door and got Lauren to wake up.  She come to the front door wondering what was going on.   She got her shoes on and helped me hobble on inside.   Luckily I had crutches from a long time ago when I step on a wood screw that was stuck in a board. But that is another story!

Lauren drove me to the doctors and the x-rays showed nothing was broken or fractured but pulled/sprained the ligaments.  All I know is that it's SMARTS!    So it is Ice and elevation for the next for days.  Doc said to use my pain as a guide. If is hurts to put weight on it ... dont!  It should take about 6 weeks to heal completely.  OH JOY!  The good thing IT IS NOT MY HANDS!  I can still use my good foot to drive and most importantly, the pedal on my sewing machine!

First thing on my new agenda, is to buy new boots to wear outside to feed, that have a good tread!

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