Sunday, March 4

Changed my mind!

I decided I didn't like my fabric choice that I posted the other day for the Quilt Story Series, especially after I received my layer cake, "Pattenista" by Benartex I purchased from Missouri Star Quilt Co thur their daily deals.  It has some bold, wild colors in some wild patterns.  But I love it!

Here is my first block for March - the nine patch.


I also decided on the fabrics I will use for the Boomerang 7 Swap at the Quilting Board.
I am in a large group and will be swaping with 35 others so I a using two groups of fabrics.
The first one is yellow and lavender florals with pinks, oranges, and greens

The second group is blues and whites.  I have always wanted to do a blue/white only quilt.

Here is half of the blocks from the Boom 6 swap.  I have them on my design wall trying out
the sashing and blender blocks. 

Sorry for the bad lighting on this picture.  So far, I am pleased with it.  BUT... If I know me,
I'll end up changing my mind on this layout several times before it's done!

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