Saturday, June 18

Local Quilt Show

This Weekend Lake Norman Quilt Guild  held their "Sailing On A Summer Breeze" quilt show in Mooresville, NC.  It's been awhile since the last local show and I was ready to go see some Inspirations.
If you click on the link above you can see some behind the scenes photos of getting ready for the show and of the judging.

Over a year ago or more, my hubby and daughter bought me a new camera mainly for me to take to quilts shows so, of course, I had it with me today.  I began taking pictures of the quilting in some, the colors in others and patterns that I really liked.  Well then all of a sudden..... DEAD BATTERIES!   WHY!  Seem like those batteries last forever but never die when you are just taking a picture of nothing special!  UGH.
Note to self.... change camera batteries before quilt shows!  Note to vendors at quilt show... SELL BATTERIES!  lol

I have been a fan of Susan Brubaker Knapp and her wonderful art quilting.  She happens to be a member of the Lake Norman Guild and I was Thrilled to see so many of her pieces at the show, up close and personal!
I have seen many of them online, but to actually see the real piece... amazing!
Here is one of her lastest and one of my favorites.

Well before my camera died, I did get a few other pictures.
My daughter is wanting a new quilt in purples and greens. Looks like a good combination.

This one was!

This one looks really fun and easy. I would like to do one in bright colors.

I'm not a pink fan really, but I do like stars!
I think the colors contrasts really make this work.

Just about the time my camera died, I came across this small wall hanging, so
I had to use my iphone to get the picture.
This received a Third Place in "small pieced" catagory.
I was kinda suprised when I saw it because....
Here is my version of the same wall hanging!

How Cool is that?  I did enter this in my county fair and did win a first place
ribbon in the "wall hanging"!  This isn't a great picture of it, washed out looking.
This does hang in my office at work!

Here is a link to a few more pictures I took.

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Sara said...

Oh wow I missed it probably too far from me anyway:) Glad you had some good times!!